With the Olympics quickly descending upon us in Rio de Janeiro, we have begun to increase our marketing and funding campaigns in preparation for our Global Release on August 4th. Angel and I have worked tirelessly over the last 15 months to make this film happen and continue to pursue new potential avenues to generate some funds to see a large roll out for distribution.


One significant thing we must be grateful for is the role of the Odeon Cinema in the area of Cinelândia in Rio who have kindly invited us to host our Premiere event on August 4th. As well as this, they will also screen our film daily for the entire first week of the Olympic Games, with the aim to raise as much awareness as possible about the ongoing oppressive attitudes of authority within the Favelas of the city as a consequence of the 2008 Pacification Programme.

Outside of Brazil, we continue to submit the film into multiple festivals around the world with the majority of our applications still ‘In Consideration’ – we will obviously update our followers on these events as and when we know. One we do know however, is that in August the 2016 Brum Spirit festival in Birmingham, UK will screen our TV 60-minute version along with a presentation on Favelas and a possible QnA with myself.

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I am personally very excited to test screen our theatrical cut at Falmouth University (where I teach on the Film and TV degrees) as part of a presentation of my yearly research. The support of institutions, such as Falmouth, have been vital to our production, with many students taking on roles in Post-Production, particularly in Editing and Sound Design.

With a very long road ahead to share our film with the world, we can take some solace in the knowledge that right now as I type, our main subject of the doc – Terezinha de Jesus (mother of murdered Eduardo de Jesus, who died aged 10 having been shot by a police officer in the Favela of Complexo-do-Alemão) – is about to entire trial in an appeals process after the officer who carried out the killing of her son was initially deemed innocent, allowing him to return to the police in the city.


We continue to hope justice will be served as Terezinha’s case – we are sad to admit – is growing increasingly common, with Amnesty International receiving multiple calls for help as many families lose innocent loved ones to a “Peace Process” that continues to produce violence and anger.

Brazil as a whole is in a current state of turmoil. As said, Olympic Games are upon us, the nation is overseeing its impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, whilst tentatively negotiating its way through one of the nations worse recessions in its history. Each of these elements has various ramifications but one thing remains and that is the continued oppression of the poorest Favela communities in the State of Rio. With homicidal death numbers rivaling the Syrian War, the question must be posed: Corruption? Economy? Government? Health? Education? Genocide? Surely the primary concern for Brazil is the safety of its citizens? But with the world turning its key eye the Government continues to push the image of Rio as the most commonly known – the front side of the postcard – but as the cracks begin appearing, pressure building, now is the time for the lower classes (the mass population) to stand up and be heard, now is the time to show what lies beyond the Christ The Redeemer, now is the time to show the world what lies on the other side of the postcard or – as they say in Rio – ‘O Outro Lado do Cartão-Postal’.

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