Hello and welcome to our shiny new website, designed by the lovely Arthur Rigley. Over the last year S2S has undergone some rather significant changes; we’ve developed a Feature Documentary in Rio de Janeiro called ‘The Other Side of the Postcard’ (O Outro Lado do Cartão-Postal), another is currently being developed in South Korea called ‘After The Sewol’, we’ve developed a significantly large E-Learning Library for vehicle telematics company CMS Supatrak, developed music videos, short films, short docs, adverts, corporate films and much, much more.

Our new website aims to bring you the latest updates on all of our projects from around the world with various members of the S2S Media team contributing to our blog. As a tool, we hope the site will help continue our hard work of raising awareness about Human Rights issues that we have been campaigning for throughout the year and years to come, as well as showcase our variety of talent and skills available to help you develop your next project – whatever it may be!

We are full of sarcasm, optimism, pessimism, cynicism but most of all, sarcasm…

So come be part of our journey, our story, our past, present and future as we continue to pursue our ideals of making it as fun, creative and important as possible to go from Script 2 Screen…

…see what we did there? 😉

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